Developer documentation for Retriever Julia package

Before you begin, make sure you have the retriever python package installed

ALL required packeges

These packages will be installed once the Retriever.jl package is installed

Pycall Compat DocStringExtensions Documenter


Pycall julia is used to communicate with the retriever python package objects.


Documenter tool is used for building documentation To test the documentations locally, install the current source

julia> include("src/Retriever.jl")


The tests are performed in two fold We test the python core functions, and then followed by the julia core functions.

Register and Release Retriever

julia> ENV["PYTHON"]="Python path where retriever python package is installed"
julia> Pkg.add("PyCall")
julia> Pkg.test("Retriever")
julia> Pkg.update()
julia> Pkg.add("PkgDev")
julia> using  PkgDev

julia> PkgDev.register("Retriever")
INFO: Registering Retriever at
INFO: Committing METADATA for Retriever

julia> PkgDev.tag("Retriever")
INFO: Tagging Retriever v0.0.1

julia> PkgDev.config()
PkgDev.jl configuration:
User name: provide git user name
User email: provide git associated email
Enter GitHub user [Defualt name]:
Do you want to change this configuration? [N]:N

julia> PkgDev.publish()
INFO: Creating a personal access token for Julia Package Manager on GitHub.
	You will be asked to provide credentials to your GitHub account.

...Git Credential authentication

INFO: Pushing Retriever permanent tags: v0.0.1
INFO: Submitting METADATA changes
INFO: Forking JuliaLang/METADATA.jl to henrykironde
INFO: Pushing changes as branch pull-request/ceea745c
INFO: To create a pull-request, open:

  https://[link to the Branch created]