Julia wrapper for the Data Retriever software.

Data Retriever automates the tasks of finding, downloading, and cleaning up publicly available data, and then stores them in a local database or as .csv files. Simply put, it's a package manager for data. This allows data analysts to spend a majority of their time in analysing rather than in cleaning up or managing data.


To use Retriever, you first need to install Retriever, a core python package.

To install Retriever using the Julia package manager

julia> Pkg.add("Retriever")

To install from Source, download or checkout the source from the github page.

Go to Retriever.jl/src. Run Julia.

julia> include("Retriever.jl")

To create docs

julia --color=yes make.jl

or simply

julia make.jl

(Note: If you want help in installing Julia you can follow this tutorial