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The directory configuration file is a special file within the directory setup and has its own set of functions.

write_directory_configuration creates the YAML metadata configuration file. It is (and should only be) called from within setup_dir, as it captures information about the compute environment used to instantiate the directory.

read_directory_configuration reads the YAML config file into the R session.

read_directory_settings reads the YAML config file into the R session and pulls just the directory settings list in.


  main = ".",
  settings = directory_settings(),
  quiet = FALSE,
  verbose = FALSE

read_directory_configuration(main = ".")

read_directory_settings(main = ".")

update_directory_configuration(main = ".")



character value of the name of the main component of the directory tree.


list of controls for the directory, with defaults set in directory_settings.


logical indicator if progress messages should be quieted.


logical indicator of whether or not to print out all of the messages.


list of directory configurations, invisible-ly.

See also

Directory orchestration functions: directory creation, directory filling, directory paths, directory settings

File read-write functions: read write data


if (FALSE) {
   main1 <- file.path(tempdir(), "standard")
   setup_dir(main = main1)

   settings1 <- read_directory_settings(main = main1)
   config1   <- read_directory_configuration(main = main1)

   unlink(main1, recursive = TRUE)